South-West China: a gem 2018-11-04T18:58:37+00:00

While we offer jobs all round China, we focus on Yunnan.

It’s one of China’s most beautiful provinces.

Located in the South-West of the country, abutting the borders of Vietnam and Myanmar, it ranges from lush jungle with wild elephants in the south to snow-capped Himalayan peaks in the north, while in between lie ancient towns, minority villages, beautiful lakes and hills and the bustling capital of Kunming.

All of the above photos are from Yunnan, and they show the range of natural and human beauty in this amazing province.

Kunming, where we have many contacts, is one of China’s nicest cities to live in. It has clean air, numerous opportunities for sports, lovely nature just outside the city, good restaurants, cool bars, and pumping nightlife. Expat life is great: most days of the week you could join groups cycling or rock-climbing in the nearby hills, before coming back and eating cheap but delicious noodles or hotpot (or even pizza). There are also numerous temples, traditional parks and old streets to explore in the city itself, and after dark you could make friends at a social expat bar or go wild at a club.

The city is surrounded by hills and lakes where there are numerous opportunities for hiking, cycling, rock climbing and exploring old villages. Further afield, buses and trains depart all the time for stunning destinations like the Stone Forest (a UNESCO world heritage site), the ancient towns of Dali and Lijiang, the Himalayas at Shangri-La, the rice terraces at Yuanyang, Tengchong (famous for its surrounding volcanoes), Xishuangbanna with its minority villages and untamed jungle, and many, many more beautiful and relatively unknown destinations.

Internationally speaking, the borders of Vietnam and Laos are each about 6 hours away across gorgeous countryside, while Kunming airport is a hub for cheap flights. Airlines routinely offer discounts to places like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in South East Asia as well as other parts of China.

You’d be hard pushed to find a better base for travel in the entire world.

Joe, the founder of Global Teaching Network, used to live in Kunming and loved it. “It was wonderful to have so much variety, so many different adventures, just on my doorstep. On a day off I could explore an ancient temple or go cycling in the nearby hills, and a long weekend could take me as far as the jungle in northern Laos.”