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Most people don’t realise how easy it is to teach English in China, or how high the salary is.

Here at Global Teaching Network we connect prospective English teachers like you to language schools in China. Living in China is a fantastic experience, and we can help you get there.

China is an amazing country, with stunning landscapes, friendly people, a fascinating mix of old and new, and so, so much fun to be had! We can connect people like you to jobs in our focus city of Kunming in the South-West (known for its great climate and beautiful scenery), and other cities such as Shanghai and Shenzhen.

There’s a huge shortage of English teacher throughout the country, which means the salary is high and you don’t need much experience: some people get jobs just off the back of babysitting!

You really can get paid to have an adventure. Is living there an adventure? Oh yes. China is fun and funny, exhausting and exhilarating; living there is an experience you’ll never forget.

Did we mention the salary is extremely high? You’ll be able to save $700-1000 per month!

How is that possible? In Kunming, foreign teachers are usually paid about $22 per hour or $1700 a month, and China is a very cheap country. Take a look at these typical prices:

  • month’s rent: $220 (or 10 hours’ work )
  • a bowl of noodles at a typical restaurant: $1.80
  • dinner at a fancy restaurant: $7-10
  • a kilo of oranges at a market: $1.20
  • a 10 minute taxi ride $1.80
  • a beer in a bar $1.50-$3

Have you ever paid a month’s rent with 10 hours’ work before? It’s amazing.

Overall, you can easily live off $500-700 a month in Kunming, so on a foreign teacher’s salary you can live like a king in this amazing country and save money at the same time. It really is getting paid to have an adventure.

In Shanghai and Shenzhen the prices are higher, but with a salary of about $3000 per month and costs of around $1500, you can save even more.

The founder of Global Teaching Network, Joe, lived in Kunming for over two years, taught at many different schools, and experienced the amazing that awaits you in China. We’ll help you adjust to the lifestyle, and we’ll find the perfect school for you, so don’t hesitate to get in contact!